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CatHugger™|Cat Hanging Bed With Suction Cup

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Does your cat love looking out the window?

The CatHugger™|Cat Hanging Bed With Suction Cup is designed to give your cat a restful and happy experience. With a simple setup of two suction cups, the hammock can be easily attached to any window, allowing your cat to sit and watch the world go by. The breathable fabric ensures your cat's comfort, and the sturdy design protects their head and back. Your cat can enjoy the beautiful scenery and warm sun from the safety of their new favourite spot.

 cat window perch for narrow sills

 Comfortable and Easy-to-Install for Relaxing Window Views

🐾 Easy setup: Two suction cups make it simple to attach the hammock to any window, allowing your cat to enjoy the beautiful scenery and warm sun in just a few minutes.

🐾 Comfortable design: The breathable Oxford fabric provides ventilation and prevents your cat's body temperature from overheating, while the sturdy design protects their head and back for superior comfort.

🐾 Calming and safe: Cats can suffer from anxiety and stress without a safe and comfortable place to relax. The Hanging Cat Hammock provides a calming and secure spot for your cat to gaze out of the window and stay safe indoors.
🐾 Durable and easy to clean: The fabric is sturdy, and the suction cups are strong and durable, with easy disassembly and machine-washable canvas for effortless maintenance.
🐾 Promotes exercise: The hammock can hold up to 20 kg, allowing your cat to jump in and out, promoting exercise and keeping your pet in good health.
cat window hammock


Introducing the Hanging Kitty Hammock, your cat's new favourite spot! This comfortable and calming window hammock is perfect for your furry friend's jumping and climbing needs. It's designed to provide superior comfort and protection for your cat's head and back, with a breathable Oxford cloth fabric that keeps their body temperature from overheating. The suction cups are strong and durable, making it easy to install and move around. Your cat will love gazing out the window and enjoying the sunshine while staying safe and sound indoors. Plus, it's easy to maintain with machine-washable canvas material. Give your cat the best with the CatHugger™|Cat Hanging Bed With Suction Cup!

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CatHugger™|Cat Hanging Bed With Suction Cup

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