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Calmsy™|Heart Beat Soothing Plush Toy

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The Ultimate Solution for Anxious Pets

Discover the #1 Rated Calming Toy, trusted by thousands of pet owners. Calmsy™|Heart Beat Soothing Plush Toy provides comfort and calmness to pets during anxiety-inducing situations. From separation anxiety to transitioning to a new environment, this plush toy with a real-feel pulsing heartbeat is the perfect companion for your furry friend. Say goodbye to restlessness and harmful behaviours!

Ultimate source of comfort

Transform Loneliness into Comfort

  1. Relieve Separation Anxiety: Alleviate your pet's distress when they need to be left alone.
  2. Reduce Tension and Harmful Behaviours: Calm your dog and help them overcome anxiety, reducing destructive behaviours.
  3.  Rebuild Intimacy: Dogs use the warmth and pulsing heartbeat to recreate the feeling of closeness, reducing loneliness.
  4. Smooth Transition to a New Environment: Assist your pet in adjusting to a new home with the comforting presence of Calmsy™
  5.  Hug-Like Comfort: Give your dog the sensation of being embraced, providing a sense of security and peace.
Alleviates destructive behaviors

 The Perfect Companion for a Calmer Pet

Calmsy™|Heart Beat Soothing Plush Toy is a revolutionary solution for anxious pets. The real-feel pulsing heartbeat calms and nurtures dogs, reducing stress and negative behaviours. With its machine-washable and removable cover, this interactive toy is easy to clean. Made of soft, comfortable fabric, it offers the perfect shape for dogs to carry around. Powered by 2X AAA batteries, Calmsy™ is your pet's ultimate source of comfort, reducing separation anxiety and promoting a peaceful environment.

Promotes peace and security


We recommend you gradually introduce the Calmsy™|Heart Beat Soothing Plush Toy to your pet, as it may take some time for them to bond. Add the 2X AAA Batteries into the actual feel heartbeat device. Turn the heartbeat device before placing it in the soft plush toy. If you find your pet chewing on the toy, immediately remove it and put it in a location your pet cannot access. You can slowly reintroduce the toy once your pet has settled down.


Comforting plush toy


  • Material: Made of soft and comfortable fabric, cats and dogs can snuggle beside it to rest, just like it feels with moms.
  • Size: 40x20cm (Please allow 0-1cm error due to manual measurement)
  • Powered by: 2X AAA Battery (not included)
  • Type: Interactive Toy
  • Package: 1x Plush Toy + 1x Heartbeat simulator
Interactive calming companion


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Calmsy™|Heart Beat Soothing Plush Toy

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