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AquaPaw™|Cat Automatic Water Fountain

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Keep Your Cat Happy and Hydrated with AquaPaw™ 

Keep your feline friend happy and healthy with AquaPaw™ Cat Automatic Water Fountain! Featuring self-cleaning technology and efficient filtration, it ensures always fresh and clean water. Veterinarian recommended and scientifically proven, it encourages your cat to drink more, reducing the risk of dehydration, kidney infections, and other health problems. Plus, adjustable water speed adds to your cat's drinking pleasure. Invest in your cat's well-being today!
automatic water fountain for pets


    • Self-cleaning technology captures dust, dirt and other contaminants to protect your cat
    • Veterinarians recommend water fountains to entice cats to drink more
    • Regular drinking reduces the risk of health problems, such as urinary tract disease and kidney infections
    • The efficient filtration system eliminates bacteria and impurities for clean water at all times
    • Adjustable water speed allows for a customized drinking experience for your cat



    The AquaPaw™ Automatic Water Fountain is the perfect solution for cat owners who want to keep their furry friends happy and hydrated. With a self-cleaning technology that captures dust, dirt and other contaminants, this water fountain is a great way to protect your cat from dehydration and kidney infections. Veterinarians recommend water fountains to entice cats to drink more, and with this efficient filtration system, your cat will always have fresh and clean water. The adjustable water speed allows for a customized drinking experience, and the unique design ensures correct posture during use. The AquaPaw™ Automatic Water Fountain is made with first-quality, non-toxic materials and is fully removable and washable. With a capacity of 1.5L, USB charging  and 3 selectable pumping speed levels, this water fountain is a must-have for cat owners who want the best for their pets.


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    AquaPaw™|Cat Automatic Water Fountain

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